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Wspieram – A Polish Crowdfunding Platform

Written by Sourav Paul

What Is Wspieram?

Do you have unique ideas but deter from sharing the same on social media due to lack of fund? Do you have the ability to be one of the top Polish companies but need the correct team’s support? There’s good news for you. Wspieram is a crowdfunding company which will help you to raise funds for your business or venture. They use the internet as their platform to reach out to a large number of people and thus by raising small fund they convert it into a substantial amount. And this is the reason this company features in our top business stories of Poland.

Founder Of The Wspieram and The Background.

Founder of WspieramA team of creative and experienced professionals has been driving the inertia of the organization and providing a podium to the other Polish companies since 2011. Marcin Galicki, the founder of Wspieram, ensures that he participates in implementing the expansion strategies of the business. Being a graduate in Computer Science and Public Relations, he takes care of marketing and communication.

How Does It Work?

You can join the group either by creating an id or by using your Facebook account and participate as a supporter or an author.

Process For The Supporters

1. Take part in community discussions or create campaigns with others.
2. Win interesting games and informative videos.
3. The podium is safe, so make your transactions hassle-free, and these campaigns also receive the maximum number of supports.
4. Support the campaigns that you can relate to and help them to gain the desired results.
5. Enjoy the benefits that are reaped out of the campaign.
6. If your co-campaign is successful, you will be rewarded or else your money will be refunded.

Process For The Authors

1. Research and get an idea on the various campaigns.
2. Decide your target audience and prepare the list of media tools.
3. Build your team.
4. Sell your idea and your campaign.
5. Publicize and promote your campaign.
6. Raise funds through your campaign for your venture.
7. Keep your community members involved and involve them in your success.

Why Is Wspieram One Of The Most Exciting Polish Companies To Look After?

Wspieram platform is shaped explicitly for providing support to the creative people. It is one of the most exciting Polish companies that has crafted the idea to provide a platform where you can display your ideas in a stress-free manner without being concerned about the financial part. Their team will also help you to promote your idea using social media tools.

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