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SURVICATE – Surveys and Suricate

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Written by Sourav Paul

In today’s business story, we are talking about Survicate, a customer insights platform. It is a start-up organization from Poland and it did not take them long to become one of the best business stories of Poland.

What is Survicate?

Survicate has captured the basic and primary need of any business “Customer’s feedback” and have become one of the best business stories of Poland by dedicating their resources towards creating meaningful surveys for the companies. It provides a comprehensive package for customer feedback, starting from understanding their need to providing them with satisfactory solutions. Knowing customers’ requirements will help you to invest in your business more meaningfully. Survicate can also guide you to enhance customers’ experience.

How Does It Work?

Survicate will help your surveys to assimilate effortlessly with the prevalent marketing tools without any technical knowledge. You simply need to register and enjoy their services. You can avail this CRM tool either for free or for a subscription of $159 per month (Professional) or $549 (Unlimited).

You can create your surveys and distribute the same through multiple podiums like Hubspot, Marketo, Intercom and many such applications.

1. Register for free.
2. Opt for a subscription if you want to maximum out this company’s service.
3. Go to settings, then Integration to select the applications that you want to authorize this site to integrate with.
4. Create your survey from a large number of available templates or build it with their builder tool. You can modify the designs as per your need.
5. Launch it with your desired application.

Founder of Survicate

One of the best business stories of Poland consists of a team of mavericks named Kamil Rejent, Lucjan Kierczak, Daniel Korczyński, Jerry. Kamil Rejent, the CEO and founder of this company, strives day in and out to empower the team and keep them aligned to the market’s ever-changing dynamics.

Tools of Survicate

Survicate can help you to conduct the survey through various podiums and with its ace service you can write one of the best business stories of Poland. It uses a mix and blends of various niche marketing tools like:

1. Website surveys which target accurate websites.
2. Single click email surveys make the process faster for both you and your customer.
3. Launches Net Promoter Score in your websites which keeps a real-time track of the feedbacks.
4. Implants short questions in your application or webpage and makes it simple for customers with multiple and interactive options.
5. Encourages your webpage visitors to share their views, and concerns through the simple to use feedback interface.
6. For detailed feedback create questionnaires and encourage customers to participate in the same.

Why Is It One of The Best Start-Ups of Poland?

It is one of the best business stories of Poland because of umpteen reasons; the most important one is the user-friendly application, and website. It has a large number of templates from where you can choose depending on your sector and the purpose of the survey. Last but not the least reason is the importance that they give to their customers. With their dedicated team of technical experts and customer support executives, this organization has gained prominence in 5 years, and it has a long way to go.

To enjoy the benefits, you can sign up for the free trial version and decide for yourself.

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