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PushPushGo – Sending Push Notifications Has Become Easy!

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Written by Sourav Paul

What Is PushPushGO?

With GDPR implementation, data privacy has taken a new meaning. Marketing companies need to be more vigilant while sharing the data of any company. While respecting the GDPR laws, PushPushGo has prepared a platform to send automated push notifications. It is both mobile and desktop friendly. We all are aware how push messages can improve the reach of any company. It is an effective means to rapidly upsurge your sales and enhance the return on investment by collating desired information about your potential customers. Let us find out more about this top company in Poland.

How Does It Work?

By using PushPushGo platform, you can make your company share the podium with the most successful businesses. It will add more business by sending automated messages to the target group of customers. Individuals need to subscribe to enable you to send the push messages to them.

Using their application, you can collect the required information about these subscribers, and this can be of huge benefit for your marketing team. While signing up with this top company in Poland, you will have to fill in the details in the sign-up form.

With the help of this information, PushPushGo gathers the required marketing strategy of your company and the audience you want to target. You can select your campaign type and automate it depending on your requirement.

For niche products and services, this company will automate personalized marketing strategy for your target group, or you can opt for the mass campaign and push notifications.

Who Are The Founders?


Like the other successful business stories of Poland, PushPushGo has also been founded by a team of passionate professionals, Mateusz Worotyński: COO, Joanna Worotyńska: VP of Marketing & Communications, Jarosław Kocur: CTO in 2017.

How PushPushGo Became A Top Company In Poland?

Through their enthusiastic team of employees who prioritize the need of the customers, PushPushGo is one of the fastest growing companies in Poland. Its unique idea of automation and dedicated customer support team, available for 24X7, makes it possible for the company to be the best service provider.

They very well understand that all of us are tech savvy and while respecting our restriction, they ensure to a lot account manager to each client who not only takes care of the requirements but also ensures to educate the customer on the usage of the platform. Another reason why they have become a top company in Poland is their regular up-gradation as per the socio-economic laws. They respect their customers’ privacy and ensure to adhere to all the global standard norms.

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