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Polish Business news in English – SkyCash is providing a great threat to the banks!

Polish Business news in English
Written by Sourav Paul

Polish Business news in English -Featuring SkyCash! 

SkyCash is a mobile application that allows the users to pay for bills, movie tickets, parking tickets and many more. This great startup from Poland makes it easier to make payments to your bills even if you forget your wallet at your home. SkyCash’s success is one of the most fascinating Poland Startup stories.

poland startup stories by businesstaleSkyCash is a Polish Technology company working in the fintech domain. This tremendous Polish startup launched their application in 2010, and since then they have grown to an enormous user base.

Now, with their great business success, they are planning to provide essential banking services to their users. They are now planning to offer their customers loans, cards, and bills. Is this a threat to the traditional banking sector of Poland?

Well, we hope SkyCash will grow further in the near future and may become a real threat to the banks.

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