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Poland startup news
Written by Sourav Paul

Visual project management tools are widely used in today’s business world. They bring the convenience of monitoring all the steps of a process at once. This technique is an advanced and innovative version of a flowchart. Among many other visual project management tools, Kanban tool stands apart from the crowd. Many Poland startup news declared that Kanban is one of the best tools to double up your work and productivity.

What is Kanban tool?

Kanban is a renowned visual process management tool that helps the team members to work with more efficiency by visualizing workflow. It is a one shop solution for analyzing business processes and for making necessary improvement.

Kanban tool is adaptable for any organization. It provides communication aid and also facilitates measurement of work performances.

With an affordable pricing range, the plans in Kanban tool offers various plans, including a free plan which is suitable for every business organization.

With various leading brands like Expedia, Orsay and Xerox counted as its happy customers, Kanban tool also got featured in many Poland startup news due to their innovation and dedication to become an even better organization to serve globally.

How does it work?

Kanban promotes transparency in workflow and is an excellent method for getting your work organized. The management is done by dividing the project into various stages of the process, where each of the steps can be visualized separately.

By making workflows, visually oriented, Kanban tool helps in speeding up the exchange of information. It makes easier for the members of a project to have a better understanding of the workflow and process.

Poland startup news

Moreover, it also enables every member to have a look at their distribution towards a project and a faster resolving of disputes.

Kanban tool also provides power-ups to do customization and adding functionality. It allows to remove bottlenecks and share a file with your team, hence providing complete control over your processes.

Who is the founder of the tool?

Kanban tool is established by Shore Labs, which is a prime web development company in Poland. Shore labs have gained a global success since 2009 in which it was founded.

The major emphasis behind the development of Kanban tool is to provide ease of project management to the companies.

Poland Startup News | Why is Kanban tool an amazing startup of Poland?

Started with few members, Kanban is now trusted by more than 25000 users. From Poland to all around the world, it has helped many companies to increase their productivity.

Kanban has brought changes and development in professional areas. It is among the most successful startup of Poland and has also been featured on Poland startup news several times.

Like every successful business, Kanban has faced many challenges and downs in its initial years. But it embraced all those challenges and uncertainties.

Along with a ton of benefits, kanban has one more feather in its cap. It has one of the worth learning business stories of Poland, with an amalgamation of struggle and success.

Kanban is a divine tool, developed with a simple aim of providing efficiency to every industry.

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