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Poland Real Estate Market Development

Poland real estate market
Written by Sourav Paul

Poland is now known to be one of the favorite countries where one should invest in. The market of the Polish property has shown a considerable growth between the year 2002 to 2008, and it was not affected by any economic crisis. One can find that the increase in the price of the properties of Poland is quite slow. This is one of the reasons why the Poland real estate market is enjoying the undiminishing fame among the investors. Things which makes people invest in real estate in Poland are:

  • Low rates of interest.
  • Attractive prices when compared to others country real estate.
  • Infrastructure development.
  • Incorporation of some new technologies.
  • Consistent growth in the e-commerce and the shared service centers.

Trends in Poland real estate



property rates in Poland

The real estate market in Poland may get affected by the globalization, environmental protection, demographics and new technology.

The development of technology is going to affect the market starting from retail, warehouse, residential market, office market, etc.

The factors which are considered to be important in terms of the growth of real estate are the infrastructure development, growth in the sector of business services, and urbanization.

The government program, as well as the implementation of some new tools of investment, is going to affect the market of real estate in Poland positively.

Where can you buy real estate in Poland?

Warshaw is said to be one of the top cities when it comes to real estate businesses in Poland. Due to the overall development of Warsaw as a world-class city, many big companies are now investing in Poland and setting up new offices. More and more foreigners are coming to Poland as workers and as students, and that has lead to the advancement of the real estate market of Warsaw. Other places where you can look for the real estates in Poland are Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, and Gdańsk.

Why should you buy a real estate in Poland?

The two reasons which are responsible for the development of property in the land of Poland by the foreigners and Poland business stories are:

Financial factor: This is one of the most critical visions which are convincing the people to invest in Poland real estate market. The real estate of polish is very much cheaper.

Migrants: As the number of migrants are increasing in this place, so all the foreigner groups are now interested in buying of real estate in this place.

Warsaw is said to have modernized workspaces which are 5 million square meters and is considered to be the largest in central Europe. It is followed by the Prague, Budapest, and Bratislava. From the last year, there has been a massive rise in the demand for real estate in Poland.

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