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SALESmanago – A cloud based marketing automation platform

Poland GDP
Written by Sourav Paul

Poland GDP is improving every year and so does the startups of Poland. Poland has become one of the powerhouses for innovation in the world.

Internet-based marketing is necessary if you want to improve the success rate of your website. The more traffic your website receives, the better. The problem appears when people don’t know how to exactly convert traffic on their websites into effective sales (if we’re talking about a business that deals with sales).

Social media is a great platform through which you can advertise your business, but it doesn’t always reach the people you want, plus, it can take a long time to get going.

Today, we’ll be talking about a service that is set to revolutionize the way internet marketing works. This service is called SALESManago and here’s what there is to know about it:

What is SALESManago?

SALESManago is a cloud-based marketing automation platform that automates all the marketing processes you’d usually do. It’s been created to help business owners and startups alike to receive more traffic with conversions. What are website visitors that don’t stay and purchase/pay for any of your services? Technically, nothing.

This is why SALESManago has made Polish news in English. Some of the best businesses in Poland have started using this platform, and it’s no surprise that more and more of them are joining. Technically, this will increase Poland GDP, in a sense.

So, what’s the big deal about SALESManago?

What Does it Do?

The platform works by identifying the people who visit your website. It then analyzes how they act online and figures out each transaction to create unique customer profiles which are further processed by AI & Machine Learning algorithms. After this, you’ll receive predictive offers which are completely personalized and info about customer experience (if you’re the one dealing with marketing stuff). Here’s what you get:

  • Live Chat
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Web Push
  • Your Website
  • Social Media
  • Advertising Networks such as Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Mobile Applications

Unsurprisingly, the best businesses in Poland have opted for SALESManago because you’re able to automate anything you want which increases the effectiveness of all marketing options and solutions. By the way, the service is simple to use which means you don’t need anyone’s help regarding the use of it!

Minds Behind This Cool Concept?

Greg Blazewicz – Founder & CEO


Konrad Pawlus – Co-founder and CTO

Konrad Pawlus – Co-founder and CTO

The creators of SALESManago are Greg Blazewicz (CEO & Founder), and Konrad Pawlus (CTO & Co-Founder). The third highly-important member of the team is Marek Broda who is COO and the Management Board Member. These three men have realized their ambitions and have created something that has helped many of the best businesses in Poland.

How SALESManago Became One of the Most Well-Known Businesses in the World?

SALESManago is slowly becoming even larger than originally expected which is skewing Poland GDP in a positive direction. Additionally, SALESManago has over 10 thousand customers from 40 different countries with the majority of them being Ecommerce or B2C companies. The truth is, this is exactly what was needed to complete the circle and improve all of these businesses. There’s no doubt that all of these customers and companies are happy with this platform and, as we’ve seen, they have every right to be!

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