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Omni Calculator, A Calculator for Calculating Everything!

Poland economic growth
Written by Sourav Paul

When we talk about Poland economic growth, we must give credit to some of the very best startups in Poland. In this regard, Omni calculator is a startup application used for calculating trivial formulae. The brain behind the development of this application is Mateusz Mucha. He developed this application with the help of three employees to make calculations without missing out minor margins. He felt that men make poor decisions when they cannot solve mathematical problems accurately. Omni calculator is the blend of 351 calculators that helps the users to resolve their day-to-day mathematical problems at their fingertips.

What is Omni calculator?omni calculator Polans startup

Omni calculator is the application, which is the fusion of nearly 350 calculators, which can calculate anything and everything on the earth. For example, how many bricks required to build a house, the width of the closet to place a computer, the amount of medicine to be used to cure a certain disease, etc. Here the amount of medicine indicates the amount of mediocre prescribed by a doctor. The important aim behind the discovery of this application is to solve day-to-day mathematical problems easily without making any mistakes.

The mind behind this amazing tool

Mateusz MuchaMateusz Mucha is the mastermind behind the development of this application. This application is used to make calculations with the utmost accuracy, and it is developed in a garage with the support of three of his employees. This calculator is now being used in the calculation of income tax, sales tax, the velocity of sound, light, and in many medical applications. This application is used to calculate the salary of employees without missing out even minor denominations.

Mucha is a kind of person who wants to make the lives of people easier. He is a young social scientist who wanted to ease the methods of complex calculations related to economics and demographics and his research turned out to be an excellent startup, Omni calculator. This calculator application was first developed to calculate poland economic growth, and in the recent past, it turned out to be a pillar behind great poland business stories.

How does Omni calculator work?

The question arose in the mind of Mucha about how much wool does his grandma need to knit a sweater for Christmas. This question caused Mucha to develop an application called Omni calculator to ward off blind calculations related to daily life. The sole intention behind the development of the application is to make thinking more rational and make life easier.

omni calculator

Omni calculator to resolve the silly problems, which you need to encounter in your daily life. This application simplifies any question that troubles you; maybe it is mathematics, physics, economics, or finance.

How did Omni calculator become one of the best startups in the world?

Omni calculator is intended to solve the issues related to day-to-day life as well as complex problems. Hence, the growth in the people downloading this application is increasing every day. The intention to help daily life become easier is the sole secret that made the application one of the best startups in the world.

The bottom line is, reducing the risk in calculations is reduced with the help of this application, and the budget you need to invest in developing specific software for every calculation gets diminished by just installing the application.

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