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When You Are Looking for T-shirt Printing Solutions, Give CupSell A Shout!

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Written by Sourav Paul

Customized t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags etcetera have become very common these days, whether it be for a corporate event, a party, a college function, sometimes even a birthday. The idea of having matching merchandise for people actively involved in an activity is seen nowadays more than ever. We must mention CupSell as one of the best Poland business stories for their unique ideas.

Companies providing the facilities to print and sell these commodities are bound to make a profit. Thus, there has been an increased injection of startups in the market pertaining to this business all around the world. If someone had to talk about Poland startup that has taken the market by storm, CupSell is the most famous name in this bracket.

What is CupSell?

Technically speaking, CupSell is a poland startup that specializes in selling t-shirts with customized printing on them, either individually or as a wholesale product. It is unique among all the poland business stories because though it started small, it has grown slowly and steadily and has ranked number one among other businesses in Poland.

What sets it apart from others is the fact is that it lets the customer design their own goodies, giving suggestions and references only of asked for. This lets a person create something unique on their own and build their own brand, and they can sell their products through CupSell to other interested parties as well.

CupSell’s awesome team!

The group of people working under CupSell is very enthusiastic and energetic who have a lot of goodwill and a sound business sense to take this to the top among the poland startup and makes it number one among the flourishing businesses in Poland.

The main chairperson of the board is Marcin Majzner, and he is assisted by Kasi Majzner, Ania Kasprzyk, Norbert Nyczka, Ania Klich, the production manager and Mirek Okonski, the IT developer making headlines among the top Poland business stories.

How does it work?

It is one of the unique concepts among all the businesses in Poland. If you are interested in designing your own t-shirt for an event or for any other purpose like creating your brand and unique style and selling it, CupSell gives you the perfect platform. You can register under this startup and follow the tutorials and steps, which will help you in designing the cloth with a variety of options like size, color, fonts, pictures etcetera.


Once it is designed, you can order it in bulk for yourself as CupSell does wholesale business as well or you can sell it through the CupSell portal itself and share the profit. A minimal investment leads to you maximizing the profits out of it making it one of the most sought-after among many businesses in Poland. The best part is that they ship throughout the world and have stringent quality assurance making sure that the products are high quality.

You are entitled to design the apparel, the quality of clothing and printing is their responsibility. The company uses the Direct to Garment technology, which is one of the most reliable, and long-lasting printing method available in the world.

What makes CupSell a huge success?

Many reasons can be attributed to this, but one of the foremost reason is the ability of the startup to give a platform to people to express their artistic angle by designing t-shirts and other products like mugs, hoodies, mouse pads, badges, stickers etcetera. People can also make money by doing business out of it, which makes this unique concept the number one among the most compelling Poland business stories.

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