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Written by Sourav Paul

Poland has a booming market, and the economic growth is encouraging the Polish people to travel more and more for business and pleasure both. The booming market in the country has given birth to many innovative ideas and inspiring business stories of Poland. Some among them are doing really well in the worldwide market and are top businesses in Poland.

What is Pasazer? What does it do?

With the increase in the number of air flyers, the need for dependable information on airlines has also increased.
Pasazer has identified this need of the people, and by addressing this issue with their unique portal, it has become one of the top businesses in Poland. It provides a discussion podium where well-informed people share their views on travel and aviation industry. Passengers and other people can use this portal to be informed about the various events in this industry and stay connected.

It is a one-stop solution for any flight related information. By regulating updating the portal with genuine and current information, this company ensures that not only does a passenger get a good deal on his flight but he also can cherish the entire plane journey. Each information on airports including the food joints and the shopping spots is updated in this portal for your benefits.

Besides this, by following this website, you can stay informed about the happenings in the aviation industry. Information pertaining to mergers, buyouts and tactical business decisions from around the world is available here.

Every year this company accredits certain airports as”Passenger Friendly Port” and airlines as “Best Airline” award. Both these awards hold respect in the market, and many airlines and airports participate in these competitions.

About Pasazer

Established in 2004, in Warsaw, Poland, over a period of 14 years, has become one of the most successful business stories of Poland. It has a team of experts who have either taken up journalism and aviation as their profession or who are passionate about this industry and are highly informed. Currently, the team of editors consists of 14 subject matter experts. offers a plethora of services for its users

• Search for the cheapest domestic and international flights.pasazer business stories of Poland
• Book your flight tickets conveniently.
• You can rent a car from this portal.
• Do your hotel bookings in a more informed manner.
• Buying a Visa is also made easy using this portal’s service.
• Regular news update about all the happenings in the aviation industry all over the world.
• Information on the airports.
• By registering to this portal, you can stay posted about the discounts and rebates offered by the airlines.
• Registered users post information on their travel experience thus helping you to make take more informed decisions on your travel and holiday.
• Interviews, professional analysis and in-depth information from the aviation industry can help the freshers or candidates willing to be a part of this industry.

What makes Pasazer one of the top businesses in Poland?

The uniqueness of the idea and the robust information system are the primary reasons behind this company’s success. gives holistic information about a vast industry like aviation in one podium. One can either use this portal for his bookings or for gathering reliable facts.

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