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Poland's successful startups
Written by Sourav Paul

In this article, we are going to talk about one of Poland’s successful startups. Having a helping hand, that will help you organize and segregate your work so you find it easier to go about doing your work is a big boon. If you could give a name to this boon, you could call it Nozbe.

In the impending rat race of today’s generation, most of the people today are drowned in a sea of work. Everyone wants to stay one step ahead of their competitors. One primary requirement to do so is to bring out the best from what is available. Management and organization are the two main keywords. Managing everything correctly and on time is the biggest challenge one faces.

What is Nozbe?

Nozbe is an application developed by Michael Sliwinski that helps a lot of organization and companies in getting their work done optimally and helps in boosting the productivity of the team and subsequently the organization. It will also help you to segregate, prioritize and manage any project that you are given the responsibility of and finish it quickly and as effectively as possible. Among the various startups in Poland, Nozbe has been billed to be one of the most helpful and profitable ones.

Founder of Nozbe

Michael SliwinskiIn the world of Poland’s successful startups, Nozbe is right up there with the best, all thanks to its founder Michael Sliwinski, a great business mind of Poland. He is an entrepreneur and blogger himself and has authored books as well. In fact, along with Nozbe, he used to run a magazine called the Productive magazine and also ran a podcast show.

In the year 2008, he decided to give his full time for Nozbe and along with a fully capable team, converted this startup into a profitable business association.

Nozbe’s solutions

If you are working on a project or a task with a team and the workload is a lot, Nozbe is going to help you lighten the burden. It is available in the form of a webpage as well as an exclusive app for tablets, phones; iPads etcetera and you can organize and distribute the work on the go. Thus, it provides the freedom of mobility, allowing people to work while traveling and not sit in an office the whole day.

Once everyone in your team has a Nozbe account, you can forget emailing and all the CC and BCC that comes with it, which most of the times lead to spam. Instead, share whatever you want to all the members if your team in one click and assign delegates to do them. You can attach files and comments along with the task. You can even invite someone to help with the work even though they do not have a Nozbe account.

This application also lets you synchronize your other essential apps like Evernote, Microsoft Office, Dropbox, Google Calendar etcetera. This integration is also helpful in the organization. One outcome of using Nozbe is the increased productivity that is seen within the company almost immediately.

Now, let’s discuss how Nozbe became one of the best of Poland’s successful startups.

Why Nozbe is one of the most successful startups in Poland

One of the main reason for it being such a successful startup is the fact that it simplified the work of people and helped them function better. The utility of the application was many, and people found it helpful. Moreover, the availability in app format for other electronic devices like phones, tablets, laptops etcetera gave it the portability, which struck the right chord with the public, making it a pioneer among the various poland businesses.

If you face the same problems of having a huge team and difficulty in keeping them in the same page, you could sign up for Nozbe yourself, and you will see that things will turn out to be pretty sorted eventually.

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