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How is Notatek bringing revolution to Poland’s education? Best startups in Poland!

best startups in Poland
Written by Sourav Paul

Notatek is the most prominent educational site for students in Poland and one of the best startups in Poland. It has a base of over 100000 materials. You do not have to record everything during class anymore, Notatek does it for You!

You can forget about mechanical rewriting and focus on the essential things in the study, namely gaining knowledge. Notatek provides free access to all notes from lectures and classes for students. Thanks to cooperation with the greatest employers in Poland, it also gives an opportunity to get a dream job. These make this organization one of the best businesses in Poland.

Notatek has the most extensive database of student materials in Poland. It has all you need during studies. If you are preparing for exams, tests or lectures on Notatek, you will find all necessary materials sorted by subject or lecturer.

The mind behind Notatek – one of the best startups in Poland

Przemyslaw Kadula

Source: Failurepodcast

The founder & CEO of Notatek, one of the best startups in Poland, is Przemyslaw Kadula. He did set up this business nine years ago in Krakow, and till now his site reaches 50% of the student’s population in Poland. Przyslaw Kadula is taking care of business development strategy, key clients, finance management and investor relation.

Team of Notatek

Employees of Notatek are Richard Lucas-First Cash Investor, Michal Leszczynski- Ambassador of Notatek and Marta Hauer- Junior Recruiter. Notatek has a great professional team of six members like CTO, Product Manager, Performance Marketing Specialist, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer and Key Account Manager.

They are following the vision of being “Spotify in education.”

How Notatek is bringing revolution?

Notatek is bringing revolution to Poland’s education by giving students totally free and wide access to knowledge. Being a student, it is not easy to collect all materials from all lecture and classes, that is why the Notatek gives us an excellent opportunity to have all the materials in an effortless way.

Notatek has a variety and wide field of subjects like Biological Sciences, economic sciences, physical science, humanities, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, technical sciences, chemical sciences, film sciences, geographical sciences, mathematics, legal sciences, social sciences and theological sciences.

So, surely you will find what you need. Notatek cooperates with about 50 employers and helps students to find the dream job and find their place in the labor market.

Why Notatek is one of the smartest startups in Poland?

Notatek is one of the smartest startups in Poland owing to the willingness to build a complete, high quality and always available database of academic content. Users can enjoy the database of 101000 materials, learn from video courses or check their level of knowledge by doing tests. The website is visiting by over 500 000 students per month, and they have over 200000 are registered users. Notatek has over 101000 files form over 270 universities.

We can only wish Notatek to get more success and make the education in Poland more accessible to each and every student of this great nation.

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