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Mateusz Mach – the founder of Five app!

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Written by Sourav Paul

App development has been the lucky charm of several youngsters around the world. Some outstanding teenage app developers are Michael Sayman, Brittany Wenger, Maximillian Polhill, Mateusz Mach and Julian Wyzykowski. Mateusz Mach is one of the smartest app developers in Poland. His Five App, which is the world’s first sign language messenger app, is one of the best Poland businesses Ideas.

Who is Mateusz?

Mateusz Mach

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Mateusz Mach is the first teenage inventor and CEO of Nextrope in Poland. This young person developed the Five App as a business idea. After the success of this application, Mateusz started a career as an entrepreneur and business analyst. He is the finalist of Forbes 30 under 30. He is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of Europe.

In January 2017, he became the CEO of his own software house the Nextrope where he entered the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Later in June 2017, Mateusz Mach became the COO of Opus Foundation where he was responsible for executing the ICO marketing strategy. Consequently, with so much success he outlook for Poland businesses Ideas. Several businesses and ICOs used his experience to act as an adviser.

What is Five app and how does it work?

The Five app is a mobile application developed by the Polish high school entrepreneur Mateusz Mach. The app allows the deaf people to create sign language for chatting and messaging through their smartphone and iWatch. Several applications help deaf users to access information and sound around them. Some deaf people use text-to-speech tools to be able to communicate with other deaf people.

best Poland Businesses ideas

However, the Five app is the world’s prime sign language app ever created solely for the deaf. It uses a messaging system where the deaf can simply communicate in sign language. The app allows the users to create their own sign using the sign maker.

Why is Mateusz one of the most inspirational business minds of Poland?

Years back, app development contributed to the welfare of many users. Nevertheless, the Five app is considered to be one of the best Poland businesses Ideas. Mateusz is a brilliant mind who thought out of the box. He is the one who believes in the possibilities of perfecting the app for the deaf. Along with so much outstanding ideas, he engaged himself in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

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