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Irena Sendlerowa – An undeniable hero of Poland!

inspiring stories of Poland
Written by Sourav Paul

Here’s one from the inspiring stories of Poland book – Those whose parents or grandparents fought in the Second World War will tell you that bravery has no measure. Even the slightest act of defiance in the face of death is revealing of bravery. Ordinary people placed in extraordinary conditions set out with nothing but courage and hope. Those who have returned have lived to tell the tale of their experiences. There were also those that never returned home, becoming only a number in a statistics chart. And then there are people such as Irena Sendlerowa; at the brink of death narrowly escaping execution.

One of the best Poland stories, the story about this strong woman is considered unforgettable.

Who is Irena Sendlerowa?

inspiring stories of PolandIrena Sendlerowa was born in Otwock, Poland, on the 15th of February, 1910. Taking inspiration from her father, who was also a humanitarian helping Jews, she continued her life with dedication towards the cause of helping those that are weaker, those that weren’t as lucky as others.

Her true character was kind and helping, always willing to aid those that need it.

For a period of 8 years, she worked for the Department of Social Welfare and Public Health of the City of Warsaw. But what she did on the side is even more impressing.

During the war, Irena used to rescue and smuggle Jews and their children out of the Warsaw Ghetto. These people were often malnourished, sick, and weakly, but Irena never gave up on them.

Not even in the face of the Gestapo in 1943. She would decline to speak and reveal the whereabouts of the rescued Jews. She was imprisoned and tortured, but nothing broke her spirit. The death sentence was her verdict and, having lived her life with dedication and courage, would not break even now. Luckily, she was saved after German officials were bribed to release her.

She would live on to be 98 years old when she died (12 May 2008). Through her life, she has inspired many Poland stories. Everyone in Poland knows who she is and what she has done. She’s been instrumental in the history of Poland and for saving the lives of many. A hero and one of the best inspiring stories of Poland.

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