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Michal Solowow- An Inspiring Mind of Poland!

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Written by Sourav Paul

Many people do business, but very few make it big on a global scale. If you had to talk about a few of the most prominent businessmen in the world, Michal Solowow, one of the inspiring Polish minds immediately comes to the mind.

Business has always been a way of living and earning which demands a lot of mind work, correct decisions and the determination to stick with a gut feeling. It requires a certain amount of capital investment, which always runs the risk of going down the drains, but it is an occupational hazard that one has to accept.

Who is Michal Solowow?

Michal Solowow is a pioneer among the top inspiring Polish minds who is a successful businessperson with a net worth of almost 3 billion dollars as quoted by the Forbes. Amazingly, before venturing into the world of business, Michal was a rally car driver and had been crowned the Vice-champion in Europe and Poland in rally racing. Born on 11 July 1962, Michal started his business his business by investing in the chemical company called Dwory and provided funds for its expansion taking advantage of the fact that interest rates were meager that time.

Slowly and steadily, he diversified his business to other products like ceramic tiles, wood floors etcetera and participated in the Warsaw stock exchange, making him a significant stakeholder in the Polish share market as well. If you were looking for inspiring stories among people in business, you could definitely look up to Michal Solowow.

Achievements of Michal Solowow

Even though he has given up the managerial role in most companies, he is one of the most important shareholders in multiple companies in and around Poland. To name a few:

Synthos he has stakes in this chemical factory, which makes synthetic rubber and latex and vinyl dispersions among many other products.

Cersanit– one of the most rapidly expanding business in Poland that manufactures and ships bathroom equipment all around the world.

● Echo investment– he has shares in this company, which conducts projects for the construction of offices, malls, flats and other commercial spaces.

● Barlinek – they manufacture and transport natural wooden floorboards to almost 30 countries in the world spread over three continents, grasping nearly 65% of the Polish market in the floorboard business.

● Ultra Pack– one of the leading suppliers of corrugated boards.

● North fish– restaurant chains specialize in fish and other sea products.

● He has also been the vice-champion in rally racing, not only in Poland but Europe as well.

How He Inspires Us?

If you look into the business stories of many successful founders, CEOs, and businessmen, one thing you will find in common is their sense of perseverance and the desire to succeed. Even the story of Michal Solowow shows us the same. Coming from a small place in Poland, he first started as a rally driver.

Though he won some accolades in it, his will to succeed made him study the market thoroughly and invest in companies which would yield him profits and expand his worth. He backed out from launching a newspaper because of the competition present, which shows his presence of mind. All these are valuable life lessons that can be inculcated.

Social Activities

Michal Solowow is a well-known philanthropist who has made quite a few contributions for the development of Poland. More importantly, he has got the country onto the world map of significant businesses through his numerous ventures. All his companies hire many interns throughout the year and train and educate them to perform better in their respective jobs. Overall, he has made significant social contributions in various parts of Europe and the world.

Michal Solowow will definitely be a name to remember for a very long time and the way his business is expanding, it only points towards higher peaks of success.

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