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Growbots – AI Solution For Sales!

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Written by Sourav Paul

What is Growbots?

Growbots is a leading company in Poland which aims at unraveling the growth prospects of the business all over with the world. With a vision to provide relief to the salespersons and generate revenue for a company, it has become one of the success stories of Poland. Their AI platform aims at reducing the redundancy of work and saves time by enabling the company to reach out to numerous prospective customers in a jiffy. Thus by converting leads to customers, and by creating a strong marketing podium, it helps in generating revenue for the company.

Growbots Team

Founded by three mavericks, Greg Pietruszyński, Luke Deka, and Adam Mazan, this company is creating one of the success stories of Poland and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. With a team of 70 experts, it has already generated 250 leads, has analyzed nearly 10M emails, and has generated a profit of $1.2b for companies all over the world. It has more than 600 customers being served by the team of connoisseurs and has already shown a growth of 1200% in the year 2016.

How Growbots Work?

Growbots has become one of the success stories of Poland through its innovative ideas and simple techniques of work. Its process flow consists of

3 Simple Steps:

• Deicide on the market – Once you know the customers you want to target and have specified the same to the robot, it will help you to contact the best prospects suiting your profile.

• Prepare your online marketing campaign – Once your database of emails is prepared for you, create your emails keeping in mind the requirements of the prospects. You need not to bother about the emails and the follow-ups, as once your email is ready the robot will take care of the rest of the activities. You will also be intimated if there’s any sort of positive response from your prospects. While you will not be bombarded with notifications, you will never miss out an important update.

• Enhance your results – Use their tools to test the effectivity of your emails and being a part of a bigger gamut of companies, you can refer to their success stories to learn. Moreover, their detailed reports will also give you in-depth insight into the performance of your email campaigns.

List of Services

Besides helping you to explore your growth opportunities through email marketing, Growboats other services are equally technically advanced and effective.

• By syncing the new data with the existing database, it ensures that there is no duplicity in your database.

• Helps you to keep a track of the status of the prospects.

• It lets you categorize your database methodically to ensure the correct information goes out.

• Imports your Salesforce and HubSpot or any other CRM contacts.

Why Growbots Is One of The Success Stories of Poland?

Growboats has become one of the most successful business stories of Poland because of its leaders who have deciphered the core need of any business all over the world and its employees who are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable. Profit is the crux of any business and customers help us to get it, so if you can reach out to more and more customers with your services, you will surely grow faster: this is what Growboats helps you to do.

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