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BETEGY – Change The Way You Bet!

In spite of being a start-up company, it has made a mark in the Poland business news because of its accurate data and updated information on football.
Written by Sourav Paul

What is BETEGY?

With its uniqueness, Betegy has given a new angle to the business stories of Poland. It provides a podium for you to do betting, using statistical data and taking the benefits of the experts’ analysis skills. If you are a football lover and want to make some informed betting, then this company can help you. In spite of being a start-up company, it has made a mark in the Poland business news because of its accurate data and updated information on football.

This Poland business news rocker consists of a team of statistical geeks. They use numbers, and their expertize to study the historical data to do predictive analysis of the upcoming football matches.

How Does It Work?

Using various tools and statistical models, Betegy publishes information which is not only accurate but also informative.

• Sort and Filter table

Get all the required information on past games, and predictions based on the same in one consolidated table. Filter the data as per your requirement and reconcile it with the ‘Prediction Page.’ Along with the option of saving your required data, you can also find out the outliers and derive information on the safe bets.

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• Accumulator Generator

Using this feature accumulate information about more than one event and place your bet. Set your own rules and find out the probability of becoming successful in your forthcoming bet.

• Underdog List

Collate information on the weakest teams, and the teams which had shown unexpected results in the past. With the help of the voting options, you have the ability to impact the final decision. Be rewarded for being the highest voter and also have the option of calculating your return on investment.

• Bet Trackers

Nothing can be better than this tool to get information about all your bets, on one dashboard. Use your prediction cards to create bets and check the historical data of your previous bets. Use Accumulator to compare your previous bets and make more knowledgeable decisions in future.

• Live Scores

During betting, what else can be more informative than live updates on matches? Betegy portal will give you updated and live Poland business news on football matches with the click of a button.

Products of Betegy

businesses in Poland

• Football Predictions

Using the large database of BETEGY, they help you with predictions of the upcoming match. It is the most important piece of information for people involved with betting.

• Sort & Filter table

This tool from Betegy is a solution and information hub for bettors. They can use it and gather information on past and upcoming games, which can be further utilized for the football predictions.

• Track your Bets

Keep track of your previous failures and successes and take decisions accordingly in future.

• Live Scores

Use this dashboard to stay updated about the Poland business news about football and the matches taking place all over the world.

Betegy is already one of the most successful business stories of Poland, and with the kind of niche products and services the company provides, very soon it will be the market leader.

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