About BusinessTale


Who Is BusinessTale?

Businesstale is an online portal that brings the very best start-ups and business stories of Poland and talks about the smartest and most innovative business ideas or you can say pomysł na biznes. We write top business stories of Poland, startup stories of Poland, and inspiring stories of Poland.

Businesstale is owned by Iamcontenting.com which was founded by Sourav Paul from his enthusiasm to talk about the business stories of Poland due to his love for this nation. Sourav lived in Poland for two years during his Master’s study, and since then he was determined to developing this wonderful platform.

What Do We Do?

Poland is one of the largest economy of central Europe, and it produces some of the most innovative and successful business ideas (biznes plan). We at Businesstale thrives to research and collect the most valuable, relevant and current data about the business in Poland. We produce these data in the simplest way on our blog to bring these great Polish minds in front of the world and provide them the limelight that they deserve.

The Businesstale team also brings you the most exciting stories of the Polish Entrepreneurs. We also research and bring the trending and immerging ideas.

We at Businesstale is also dedicated to cover some of the great stories of the great changemakers of the society from Poland. Primarily, the medium of our storytelling is in English to let the world know about the great minds of this great European Nation. Read our Blog for some exciting business stories. Also, follow us on Twitter @TaleBusiness.

Our Mission at BusinessTale

Our mission is to tell the stories that matter to the future of Poland. We write on the basis of data, and we bring out heart into each and every story. Our team of researchers, writers, and marketers are the soul of Businesstale.

We aim to help many other aspiring business minds from Poland to get inspired and learn from the very best in the industry. We will always be determined to keep our database updated with most exciting and relevant business ideas, success stories, and advice.